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Price Per Painter

1 - 3 Painters $36

4 - 5 Painters = $32

6 - 7 Painters = $28

8 + Painters = $26

Before Maine sales tax

Available Add-ons

  • Upgraded Canvas Size (standard size is 12"x16")

16 " x 20 " = + $5 per upgraded canvas Please add to check out (Or can purchase that night)



What to Expect:
Each painter receives one 12"x16" blank canvas (upgraded sizes available) and 4 colors of paint Protective gear such as goggles and hazmat suits for the Splatter room will be provided (one size fits most).  We use washable non-toxic paint just in case some gets on you accidentally (or purposefully!).

Your work of art won't be dry for at least 24 hours, please plan on transporting a wet canvas.

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